Overview of the River Danube catchment area

River kilometers

Country Surveyed river kilometers

Austria 2.815,208 km
Bulgaria 451,850 km
Croatia 72,000 km
Germany 332,276 km
Hungary 339,094 km
Romania 1.457,484 km
Serbia&Montenegro 785,895 km
Slovakia 269,685 km

Totally surveyed 6.523,492 km

Explanation on the 'Surveyed river kilometers'

The kilometers indicate the total lenght of data available for the indicated parameter. It only indicates the total sum of length available for statististics and analysis. For example in austria: As some areas are already observed for many years, the sum of data available is much longer than the length of the rivers is. Also if left and right bank are surveyed individually the both lengths will be summed up.

For an overview on the surveyed habitat parameters got to the Habitat parameters section.
Multifunctional Integrated Study Danube Corridor and Catchment