Habitat Parameters
Observed Habitat Parameters
The following tables are a short summary of the field data collected over the past years and should give an overview of the observed data (until 2003). Details and explenations on the habitat parameters are given in the Methodology/Abiotik section of this page.
For a look on the map and a table of the surveyed river kilometers go to the Overview section.

Bank structure
Structure Surveyed river kilometers

rocks, large blocks, bank protection, rip-rap 2.045,768 km
gravel 624,296 km
sand 632,451 km
fine substrate 1.679,977 km
concrete, artificial material 162,279 km
floating mats or other organic material 41,550 km

not surveyed 1.337,171 km
Totally surveyed 5.186,321 km
Sediment Type
Type Surveyed river kilometers

solid rock, rip-rap 1.424,729 km
gravel 873,111 km
sand 748,466 km
fine inorganic substrate 2.085,922 km
artificial, concrete, asphalt 25,716 km
detritus or other organic material 49,237 km

not surveyed 1.316,311 km
Totally surveyed 5.207,181 km
Landuse Type
Type Surveyed river kilometers

artificial surfaces 966,970 km
agricultural area 485,608 km
forest 2.401,581 km
inland wetland and marshes 220,888 km
artificial canals 24,398 km

not surveyed 2.424,047 km
Totally surveyed 6.523,492 km
Flow class
Type Surveyed river kilometers

no flow, stagnant 317,120 km
constant change between no flow and cataract 1,900 km
low flow velocity, just visible 1.897,783 km
medium flow velocity 1.921,575 km
high flow velocity 1.078,383 km

not surveyed 1.306,731 km
Totally surveyed 5.216,761 km
Connectivity type
Type Surveyed river kilometers

small side/secondary channel 184,708 km
oxbow 259,009 km
water body outside dam, running water 10,860 km
water body outside dam, still water 14,000 km
lakes 12,755 km
large secondary channel 287,200 km
main channel of Danube or tributary 4.244,336 km

not surveyed 1.510,624 km
Totally surveyed 5.012,868 km
Explanation on the 'Surveyed river kilometers'

The kilometers indicate the total lenght of data available for the indicated parameter. It only indicates the total sum of length available for statististics and analysis. For example in austria: As some areas are already observed for many years, the sum of data available is much longer than the length of the rivers is. Also if left and right bank are surveyed individually the both lengths will be summed up.
Multifunctional Integrated Study Danube Corridor and Catchment